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Since my childhood days, I have been playing with slinky toys with my siblings, cousins, and friends. It is one of our favorite toys because it is very entertaining for us kids, and even for our older family and friends. I remember receiving my first ever slinky toy on a normal day from my aunt; it was a rainbow-colored, plastic slinky toy and I loved it. This toy also started getting popular at that time and little by little, every kid in my neighborhood got one. The advantage of using this toy is that it can take out the creativity in you. My friends and I invented a slinky race game for ourselves to play: we placed the slinky from the top of the stairs, let it go, and cheered while we waited which slinky would go down the fastest. It was very enjoyable to play with! A slinky toy can be made either of metal or plastic, and the original toy made in 1943 was made of metal. And I have compiled some of the best metal slinky toys in 2022 for you, so you would only need to choose from the best ones in the market! 

TOP-6 Metal Slinky Toys

The Original Slinky Brand

 The Original Metal Slinky Spring Toy

If you are thinking of getting one for your nephews or nieces or kids, then why not choose the one that is made by the original makers of the toy? This particular product is made in the USA so you know that it is of high quality. It is made of metal therefore it is sturdy and not easily breakable. I highly recommend this product because this is made by the original manufacturers. These slinkies are 8.75 inches in diameter each. 


  • Made of metal
  • Original metal slinky made in the USA
  • Premium pack of 3 slinkies inside
  • Can be used as squirrel deterrent

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Kicko Metal Slinky

Kicko Metal Coil Spring

This coloured metal slinky can be the perfect gift for your kids or nephews and nieces; different colors for each of them because if you buy this pack, you will have a total of 6 sets of slinkies for them to choose from. It is very safe and durable because the company prides itself to produce high-quality and kids-safe non-toxic materials especially crafted for children. This particular one is 2.4-inch long. 


  • Set of six in one package
  • Assorted colors; one solid color for every slinky
  • Perfect small and entertaining retro gift

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The Original Slinky Brand Collector’s Edition

 The Original Metal Slinky Brand Collector's Edition Box

If you are or you know someone as an avid fan of the slinky toy and the Slinky brand, then this original metal slinky might just be the perfect gift either for yourself or for them. The diameter is 2.75 inches and the color is one solid shade of black. 


  • Made by the original manufacturers
  • Can also be used as party favors
  • Elegant retro black metal slinky

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The Original Slinky Brand: Giant Slinky

Metal giant slinky

Some kids just can’t get enough of having just one-sized regular or mini metal slinky toy and this is why I included this giant version of this toy for you to think about purchasing. This particular giant metal slinky is about 3.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height which is 70% bigger than the classic metal slinky. 


  • Bigger in size means better grasp
  • Made of metal which means high quality and durable

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Bedwina Metal Spring Toy

Bedwina Metal Spring Walking Spring Toy / Slinky

This is another brand of slinky toy that you can trust. This particular one stretches up to 5 feet, perfect for kids who love such entertaining gestures of stretching and bouncing and winding toys. If you buy this pack, you will receive 5 sets of slinkies which means there is enough for everyone! Even the adults around the house can take advantage of this toy as you can use them as stress relief and could give you hours of mindless fun. 


  • A great distraction from your phone or computer screen
  • 5 sets mean there is enough for everyone
  • A trusted brand for its quality products

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Rhode Island Novelty Metal Coil Slinky

Rhode Island Novelty Metal Coil Slinky

This particular brand might be the least expensive of them all. It also comes with 4 sets of different colors: there is a silver, a yellow, a purple, and a blue metal slinky inside the package. These slinkies are 2.4-inch metal springs, which are slightly smaller in diameter compared to other similar products; therefore this mini metal slinky toy is perfect for smaller children


  • 4 differently colored metal slinkies in one pack
  • Perfect toy for august 3 and above

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There are a variety of sizes and colors from different well-known brands to choose from, and almost all of them sell and recommend the metal slinkies over the plastic ones because of their durability. Another thing is that plastic slinkies do not function well as its metal counterpart because the extra weight of the metal slinkies give them more momentum which helps them make that next step every time. The plastic slinkies also have a property called hysteresis which means that this type of slinky absorbs some of the energy that is supposed to be the one to stretch them more. 

I myself have done my own experiment. I bought one brand new original metal slinky and another one brand new original plastic slinky to be able to compare them and see for myself. I just made sure that I bought the same sizes to avoid bias and to be fair for both contenders. I also made sure to do the same procedure of pushing them forward towards the next step of the stairs. I tested one at a time and timed them both. 

I have observed that the metal slinky had more bounce and therefore reached further down the flight stairs than the plastic one, and as I have mentioned earlier, the metal one has that certain property that gave it more momentum towards the race. The property of the plastic is what made it not as bouncy as its metal counterpart and it did not really bounce down and reach as far as the metal one did. It lost its momentum and just rolled down the flight of stairs which is very disappointing. 

And by doing this experiment, the clear winner about which slinky is better than the other is evidently the metal type. 

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