Best Rainbow Slinky Toys in 2022

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I have been a huge fan of slinkies, most especially the colorful rainbow slinky toys, ever since I was little. There are different colors and sizes, and made of different materials, and I love all of them but rainbow slinkies are my favorites because it looks so cool when you are playing with it going back and forth from one hand to the other. It was quite an entertainment and pastime for me and my friends. Even our parents had fun watching us play our rainbow slinkies. Rainbow metal slinky does it for me though because it is more durable and less prone on coiling. So, I did my research to find out the best rainbow slinky toys in the market so you won’t have to. Just relax and see what’s in store for you! 

TOP-7 Rainbow Slinky (Spring) Toys in 2022

SRENTA Jumbo Rainbow Slinky

Girl is showcasing SRENTA 6" 150mm Jumbo Rainbow Coil Spring

This jumbo rainbow slinky by SRENTA is gigantic and is 6 inches in diameter, so just imagine how huge it is compared to its regularly sized counterparts. This jumbo slinky is a perfect gift for your or your friends’ kids as it sparks joy and entertainment mainly due to its size but most especially when bouncing down the stairs. 


  • Made of good quality material therefore it holds up perfectly even during rough playing
  • Because of its wider diameter, it’s easier to do the tricks to untangle it
  • Smoothly bounces down the stairs

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ArtCreativity Gigantic Rainbow Coil Slinky

ArtCreativity Gigantic Coil Spring

This is another jumbo rainbow spring from another brand. This particular slinky opens up to 16 feet with a diameter of 10 inches, even bigger than the previous brand! This will surely surprise your kids especially if you show them a rainbow slinky in its original smaller size. This would certainly not miss every step of the stairs while it bounces down. 


  • Made of high-quality plastic that is thicker than the regular plastic slinkies so you can rest assured that it would not tangle itself easily
  • Bigger toy means better entertainment for the kids as you can stretch this rainbow toy longer than their small bodies
  • 100% money back guarantee

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Liberty Imports Giant Magic Rainbow Springs (Slinky)

Liberty Imports Giant Magic Rainbow Springs

Who does not love the classic style of the original slinkies? This comes in a box of 6 so can use this as a party favor or a gift so share with your kids and their friends so you won’t have to worry about them just fighting for one. They can enjoy bouncing it back and forth on their hands or they can have a race from the top of the stairs and see which one reaches the ground first without twisting and tangling them. These rainbow slinkies are only 4 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height but hey the more the merrier!


  • Includes 6 rainbow slinkies in 1 purchase so everyone gets their share
  • The rainbow color is very vivid and it looks better than other slinkies because of how well-blended the shades are
  • Made of weatherproof type of plastic material

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JOHOUSE Rainbow Magic Slinky (Spring Toys)

JOHOUSE Rainbow Magic Slinky toys

This is another brand that sells smaller-sized rainbow slinkies and it comes in a box of 12 springs! They are smaller, about 1.9 x 2 inches, but there are more to share with other children or use them as party favors or fillers for piñatas. This is a kind of slinky that children would really love because it is small and can perfectly fit in their tiny hands, and they can therefore take a hold of it well. 


  • Smaller size but comes in a set of 12 rainbow springs for everybody to share
  • Blacklight-friendly

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Plastic Rainbow Slinky Toy

Plastic Rainbow Slinky Toy

This is another rainbow slinky that is just slightly bigger than the regularly-sized springs, with a diameter of about 3 inches and height of about 6 inches. What I like about its design is the pastel shade of the rainbow colors, so it’s very pleasant to look at. 


  • Can help stimulate the color vision and perception of children
  • Sturdy so it’s worth your money

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Mini Magic Rainbow Spring Assortment

Mini Magic Rainbow Slinky Toys

Having problems with your broken slinkies? Fret not because this brand sells a pack of 50 rainbow slinkies at a very affordable price. It comes with an assortment of colors so you have lots of shades to choose from. These ones measure around 1.5 inches and that is when not stretched so you can just imagine how tiny these ones are, therefore these are even better gift ideas for smaller kids! And these stretches to about 6 to 10 inches just enough for a toddler’s reach or arms’ length. 


  • Great gift for smaller toddlers as this can fit well in their tiny hands and can grasp and play with them easily
  • Perfect to include in party favor bags for kids’ birthdays, etc.
  • This box of 50 comes with a variety of colors and shapes such as the hearts, stars, circles, and so much more!

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Square Jumbo Rainbow Slinky

Square rainbow slinky from Jumbo

This design is also one of the ones I really love because it is uniquely shaped as a square slinky and not the usual circular one. I also like the retro style of its colors which is also very pleasing to look at when moving and bouncing. This particular brand makes jumbo versions that measure about 4.75 inches, a bit gigantic than the original slinkies. 


  • Unique style and design which can also be a unique gift for your children
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The color selection looks great especially when you start bouncing and stretching them or lowering them down the steps of your stairs

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