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Cool Slinky Tricks: Ultimate Guide

The slinky toy, with so many years of existence, is one of the most fun and used tools thanks to the various tricks that can be achieved with this toy, having different designs, made of plastic and even metal. When I got my first slinky I was a kid, I did not know how many ways I could play and it is so simple, cheap that you do not need much to have fun. It was thought that Slinky was only for children, over the years more people became interested in this product, even adults, the tricks with Slinkies have increased making it more fun. In order to achieve some impressive tricks, it takes practice.

More and more people are starting to buy slinkies and even uploading their videos to Youtube showing how to perform tricks, this motivates people to want to try and keep on buying, they have been around for years and are so much fun that they still exist because it is a product that is worthwhile, so many colors, materials, some glow in the dark, it is great to show tricks to your friends at night, they even contain figures to make the fun bigger and draw the attention of the buyers. So much diversity that you don’t know what Slinky to buy. 

Some of these impressive cool slinky tricks that you should surely try to do are the following:

Hand-to-Hand Transfer

One of the first recommended tricks to start and have agility is worth trying. for this trick, I recommend using a Slinky of your liking and comfortable for you. it doesn’t matter the size or material, the important thing is how you will perform the tricks, but if you are suspicious and don’t want to start with a metal or colorful Slinky, I recommend plastic until you have the ability, after that, to buy the Slinkies you want.

  1. The Slinky must be placed in the palm of the hand, once this is done, close your fingers, and voila, the first step is done.
  2. Without releasing the edge of your slinky, push and quickly, pull your slinky in your other hand and hold it tight.
  3.  Repeat the same steps so that the trick is increasingly fluid.

The Climber

In this trick there is a little more difficulty but nothing impossible if you have already mastered The hand to hand transfer, it seems simple at first glance but sometimes it gets complicated, you will have to find out for yourself. I’ll tell you some tips that have worked for me in this Slinky Trick.

  1. Place the Slinky in the palm of your hand holding it gently with your fingers.
  2. Push forward a little and make sure your other hand is a little down and in front of the hand in which you have your Slinky.
  3. If you did the first steps correctly, your Slinky should be in the palm of your other hand while you gently hold it.
  4. Repeat the previous steps over and over again in each hand, first slowly until you can master it and are an expert

Remember to try to have fun and create your tricks, it is much more satisfying, there are several tricks but still, to invent, experiment, play, share your wonderful tricks with Slinky to your friends, they will want Slinky and be able to do your tricks.

Easy Slinky Tricks

Easy tricks for kids, not necessarily incredible for an adult but for a child to get practice and skill, these tricks are the best, if you want your children to have fun and learn something new, a Slinky is a right way, try to buy Slinkies with bright colors and drawings, if possible a Slinky that glows in the dark for a better experience for your children, I bet you’ll want to use it too. There is no age or level of complexity for this toy, it just needs to be practiced.

I’ll give you some tips so that your child can start doing simple tricks without the risk of your Slinkie getting tangled.

  • Take your Slinky from one end with one hand and with the other hand take the missing end, stretch out your hands without letting go of your Slinky and start pushing the toy until the springs form a kind of wave from top to bottom.
  • Take your Slinkie with one hand with your fingers holding it, without releasing it, let it fall and make it come back to you as if you were playing with a yo-yo but much more fun.
  • Put the ends of your Slinky in the palms of your hand, will have to be in the form of “u” once this is done, move one of your hands up and down at once, remember that the momentum should be careful, repeat it again and again, when you have it ready, just enjoy that magical and mesmerizing trick.

And why not? You can use your Slinky even while dancing while you do tricks, it’s a lot of fun, but I recommend doing it with a Slinky that glows in the dark, turn off the lights, play some music and start using your glow-in-the-dark toy while you dance.

It seems like a simple game but the truth is that the more you use it and the more tricks you know it becomes addictive until you want to get these tricks or be able to show others what you can do with Stinkies it takes practice, patience and fun With the skills you get, it’s amazing how a product that at first sight seems so simple and is so cheap can make you spend hours of fun since then. I was little. I loved Stinkies and I’m still learning new tricks. I would recommend using regular medium size slinkies for a better trick experience.

If you want to give Slinkies to your family or friends, trust me, it’s a good choice and fun, they will love it, they will learn great tricks and even this product is good for stress, they will want to take it everywhere to entertain themselves and hang out in boring times. Don’t think about it and try something new.

Remember, with Slink’s tricks, you will spend magical moments with your family and friends. Slinky was created in the 40’s, a toy with so many years on sale and each time improved for everyone.

You want to give Slinkies to your family or friends, believe me, it’s a good and fun option, they will love it, they will learn great tricks and even this product is good for stress, they will want to take it everywhere to entertain themselves and hang out in boring moments. Don’t think about it and try something new. I especially recommend a medium, long Slinky that glows in the dark and obviously a regular plastic Slinky with colors and patterns.

With Slinky’s tricks, you will spend magical moments with your family and friends, Slinky was created in the 40s, a toy with so many years can not fail you. Looking for special editions, new colors and different materials, is the same toy but the satisfaction changes with each different Slinky.

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