Slinky Dog Toy from Toy Story: Where to Get the Best One?

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During my childhood days, I always daydream of taking some of my toys into life. That’s what I got from the toy story movie, toys come to life when humans are not present. And, with a slinky dog coil as the lovable pooch twists and turns around with his famous catchphrase “Golly bob howdy!” Well, even up to now I always tell this story with my child. Just like bringing up my old memories with that movie into my present.

And if you or your child is a slinky dog fan like me, here’s where you can find the best Slinky dog toys.

Retro Slinky Dog

This is ideal for 18-month-old youngsters because they can simply pull Slinky Dog’s leash. It’s great for youngsters who want to try standing, walking, dragging, or pushing things. There is only one original slinky brand, and this Retro Slinky Dog commemorates 75 years of wiggly-jiggly pleasure. This came in an actual 1950s-style box. This toy stands seven inches tall and has a body length ranging from five to fourteen inches. Your toddlers will undoubtedly like and appreciate this. Check the current price here.

Pixar’s Toy Story Slinky Dog Pull Toy

This toy is also best for 18 months old. It is best for your toddlers trying to learn how to stand and walk since this can just be pulled with the leash attached to it. It is seven inches tall, and its body stretches from 5 to 14 inches long. Toddlers will love this toy because it really resembles Slinky Dog from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story. As if bringing your child into your favorite toy story land. We, adults, will also enjoy playing with this toy with our kids. Check the current price here.

Slinky Poof Dog

This toy will definitely take everybody’s favorite spring-activated canine back to its roots. It will squirms right into your heart, whether you’re a tiny tot or a grown-up. Well, who will not love this cutie slinky poof dog huh? It is actually a collector’s edition. It sits up, begs, and wags its tail. It is also packed in nostalgic packaging. This Slinky Dog toy is recommendable for children 18 months and older. Check the current price here.

Toy Story Slinky Dog Plush

With this multi-colored slinky dog plush, you can join in the joy of Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story. This slinky dog stretches up to 10 inches long and is made of soft, fluffy fibers that your children will love holding. I bet your kids will love to hug this toy and bring it with them during bedtime. Check the current price here.

Slinky Dog Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup

This toy is a lifesize cut-out. Perfect to display at your special events like children’s parties. It will definitely make your kids’ party more special because of its unique style that they will remember for years. This toy will bring you back to your old memories of the toy story movie. Or you can just simply display it on your home to add more likelihood of how a toy story land feels. Check the current price here.


Slinky Dog is a well-loved character in Toy Story. Kids and kids-at-heart will surely love these Slinky Dog toys as collectible items, or simply as fun toys to play with during playtime. If you are looking for something to give to a Toy Story or Slinky Dog fan, you’ll never go wrong with picking any of the listed toys above.

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